Hummingbird Ltd. and Certus Software, Inc. announced a technology partnership to offer organizations a comprehensive solution to implement and certify internal controls to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Section 404 financial business processes. Hummingbird Enterprise DM creates an organized, secure environment that manages the lifecycle of financial documents from creation to destruction. Companies can capture and organize policies and procedures in secure and manageable repositories allowing users to search and access documents across the enterprise. Hummingbird will integrate Certus’ Governance Suite, into Hummingbird Enterprise to provide internal controls and assurance software based on a compliance platform for SOX Sections 103, 302, 404, 409, and 906. Certus’ software helps corporations document, implement and sustain internal and disclosure controls required by law. Certus’ suite enables documented activities to be instituted, executed, monitored, tested and demonstrated.,