Atomz announced the second major upgrade this year to its Atomz Commerce solution. Atomz Commerce integrates search, promotion, e-marketing and content management capabilities to create a Guided Commerce experience for customers. Managed Relevance is the foundation of the merchandising platform and provides fine-grained control over page query relevancy based on user-controlled interfaces and algorithms. This affords retailers enhanced control over the delivery of search results enabling them to present products in order of importance. Merchandising Controls allow direct control over relevancy information based on any type of metadata, such as inventory, margin, SKU, brand, price, and ratings. Merchandisers are given the flexibility to immediately adjust site rankings and relevancy to drive product sales. Large Capacity Search offers capacity to handle millions of SKUs while providing interruptible crawling and indexing. Guided Commerce Query Management generates relevant results based on broad search terms to help visitors find the products they are looking for. Automated Metadata Creation looks at a Web page and automatically generates metadata to create a multi-faceted search. Relational Metadata Queries allows sophisticated queries to be performed on product metadata based on specific attribute information.