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Day: August 23, 2004

Inmagic Introduces Presto!

Inmagic, Inc. announced the release of Inmagic Presto! – a Web-based content catalog for accessing, sharing and re-purposing information assets. Built on the Inmagic Content Server using the Microsoft SQL Server backend, Presto!
leverages the Microsoft .NET technologies to provide unified access to search, identify and retrieve content no matter where it resides. Inmagic Presto! is designed to help information-intensive organizations maximize value from their information assets and interoperate within the overall IT infrastructure. Presto! can serve as a repository for housing content from legacy systems as well as maintain metadata about an organization’s content whether it resides in the Presto! database or elsewhere. In addition, Presto! automates the capture, aggregation and categorization of the content to provide integrated search in order to facilitate information discovery. Combining local control of content with enterprise-wide access, Presto! requires that content managers need only manage the lifecycle of the original content.

TripleHop’s MatchPoint Integrates with Microsoft Office

TripleHop Technologies announced it made MatchPoint available directly from the search menus of Microsoft Office with its MatchPoint 3.2 Office Edition. MatchPoint Office enables end users within the enterprise to perform searches through their desktop information, in addition to other disparate sources previously searchable through MatchPoint 3.2 Enterprise Edition. With MatchPoint Office, end users can now query any internal or external information source directly from within Windows. MatchPoint 3.2 Office Edition is available directly through TripleHop Technologies

SiteRefresh 5 Ships

Refresh Software Corp. announced the release of SiteRefresh 5, with a J2EE Core developed in Java offering JSR-170 (level 2) features for inclusion in Service-Oriented Architectures. SiteRefresh’s Open Publishing System provides interfaces, complete with source code, for Web publishing and delivery systems developed in ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, CFM, PHP, TCL, and Perl. Enhancements to SiteRefresh 5 include a 3-tier architecture, enhanced Digital Asset Management capabilities, support for both an image and file repository as well as content asset specific files and images, enhanced AssetType datafield validation, support for user-defined triggers performed on workflow transitions, originator notification and periodic review workflow settings, and, edition content can now be defined by either current or published versions. SiteRefresh Open Publishing System (OPS) is a method for the secure and controlled retrieval of assets stored in the SiteRefresh Content Repository. OPS includes a series of source code Content Retrieval Objects which engage SiteRefresh’s Content Repository’s open/published RDBMS schema for non-proprietary API access. Customer’s chosen publishing process continue to operate without reengineering and can be used to generate content in Web, WAP, RSS, and XML.

Inxight Partners with Factiva, Indraweb, KAPS Group, Taxonomy Warehouse & WAND

Inxight Software, Inc. announced partnerships with Factiva, Indraweb, KAPS Group, Taxonomy Warehouse and WAND to provide Inxight SmartDiscovery customers with pre-built and custom taxonomies. Inxight SmartDiscovery provides search, categorization and taxonomy management, and entity and fact extraction. Working with Inxight’s taxonomy partners, SmartDiscovery customers can integrate pre-built industry taxonomies, which are able to serve as the basis for organizing intellectual capital and creating efficiencies. For organizations that use multiple taxonomies for different functions or applications, Inxight’s partners provide the ability to customize taxonomies by analyzing the work processes and information stores of a particular company. SmartDiscovery’s taxonomy and information categorization tools enable users to manage their taxonomies over time.

CambridgeDocs Announces Java Doc Library

CambridgeDocs announced the upcoming release of the Java Document Library, which allows cross-platform Java applications to read, access and create Microsoft Word, WordML, HTML, RTF, and PDF files. The Java Document Library software development kit is for Java server-side applications that need to import or export textual or published content. Using the publishing capabilities of the Java Document Library, applications running on Windows, Linux, and many Unix versions can read and write Word, HTML, and PDF documents. The Java Document Library can also convert existing files (WordML, Word, RTF, HTML, PDF) into XML and to XSL:FO, HTML, and into RTF. The Java Document Library is a general purpose Application Framework and Java class library for incorporating document functionality into J2EE and J2SE applications. The Java Document Library provides a consistent programming interface across different document-types. It is available for download immediately. Pricing starts at $15,000 per server.

Hummingbird Extends Enterprise Content Management Solution for Legal Professionals

Hummingbird Ltd. announced it is extending Hummingbird Enterprise with several new functionality and productivity enhancements for the legal industry. Hummingbird now offers advanced information retrieval and knowledge discovery capabilities from within Microsoft Outlook; enhanced BlackBerry support for interactive access to knowledge assets; new optimizations for centralized deployments; and e-filing capabilities. With Hummingbird Enterprise, legal teams now have access to their enterprise taxonomy, and can perform federated searches across multiple content sources, including non-Hummingbird repositories such as file systems, ODBC data sources, Microsoft Exchange repositories and Web sites, directly from within the Microsoft Outlook client. The most relevant information will be displayed in an amalgamated result set and users can drag and drop any information from the KM result set directly into their DM libraries. Result List Clustering dynamically categorizes large result sets into “clusters” so related information is found together.

Workshare Introduces Protect 3.0 to Eliminate Microsoft Office Metadata Risks

Workshare announced companies can eliminate the risk of exposing potentially damaging or sensitive metadata with its Workshare Protect 3.0. With Protect 3.0 companies gain greater control of content in their Microsoft Office documents, whether used on the desktop or shared via email, through features such as automatic metadata cleaning options, internal and external metadata policy settings and one-step PDF conversion capabilities. Protect 3.0 now cleans metadata in any Microsoft Office application including Excel and PowerPoint. Protect 3.0 Metadata Risk Reports indicate if there is no potentially damaging information in a Word document. Companies can use Metadata Policy Settings to set standard metadata policies, on a departmental or organizational level, on how and what metadata should be cleaned automatically when sending emails to internal or external recipients. Protect now integrates with Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise as well as Microsoft Outlook. Workshare Protect 3.0 is available now with per user pricing based on volume.

Gilbane Content Technology Works Publishes Two New Case Studies

For Immediate Release


Avnet Inc., and IDX Systems Corporation share the results of their successful implementations of content management technology

Mary Laplante
+617.497.9443 ext 212

Cambridge , MA , August 23, 2004. Bluebill Advisors, Inc, the content technology industry authorities, announced the availability of two new case studies illustrating what can be accomplished today with content management technology. The case studies were written by Gilbane Report consultants based on detailed interviews with the implementation teams at Avnet, Inc., and IDX Systems Corporation.

Learn how Avnet, Inc. (NYSE:AVT), a leading supplier of electronic components, embedded systems and enterprise computing products, reduced costs, improved productivity, increased top line revenue and grew market share through development and adoption of a web content management and portal application. The case study is available to all at

Hear how IDX Systems Corporation (NASDAQ:IDXC), a leading healthcare information technology supplier, leveraged a single-source ECM initiative to provide top tier documentation, training and customer support resulting in improved product quality and customer satisfaction. The case study is available to all at

There is also a webinar with the Gilbane Report’s Mary Laplante and IDX’s Sue Wear and Susan Boor on Tuesday, August 24, 11:00 am EDT.

“The implementations at both Avnet and IDX illustrate the power and payback of content management technology when implemented by teams that pay careful attention to business requirements and user needs in addition to the capabilities of the technologies chosen,” said Mary Laplante, VP of Consulting Services, and Senior Editor of the Gilbane Report. “The teams at both these companies are to be congratulated for advancing the effective use of content technology within their organizations.”

“The best way for companies to understand what can be realistically accomplished with content technology is to look at successful examples that have been validated by a knowledgeable neutral third party”, said Frank Gilbane, CEO, Bluebill Advisors, “The CTW initiative is designed to provide these examples as a service to the entire content technology community.”

For more information on how to gain access to the Content Technology Works program, visit

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