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Day: August 16, 2004 (Page 1 of 2)

INSCI Releases WebWare ActiveMedia 5.5

INSCI Corp. announced the release of WebWare ActiveMedia 5.5, the latest version of its Web services- based digital asset management (DAM) software. New feature, ActiveSecurity, provides a metadata-driven security model. By simply updating a metadata field, administrators can change which individuals can gain access to an asset. Security management and rapid workflow capabilities are further enhanced through single sign-on capability (SSO). Also new in ActiveMedia 5.5, Task Filters are an administrative capability that enable dynamic distribution of assets to predefined user workspaces. This facilitates collaboration and automated workflow by presenting users with only those assets required for their project role or stage in the review and approval process. INSCI is introducing new Desktop Connections for QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign and a Video Ingestion & Delivery Tool. Other key features of the new release include expanded SOAP APIs; dynamic watermarking capabilities; multiple-asset renditions; and end-user access for batch metadata editing for multiple assets. ActiveMedia 5.5 is available.

Etronica Releases PublishPal

Etronica, Inc. announced the release of PublishPal, a website management system designed to help small organizations maintain sophisticated websites. For a subscription fee, PublishPal’s customers implement their websites by logging on to the PublishPal dashboard. Specifically, PublishPal provides: Dynamic content management functions to add or edit content such as editorial, events, product information and marketing materials; Customer communications functions to manage email- and web-based newsletters, blogs and targeted marketing; E-commerce functions to cross- and up-sell products, services, tickets, ads, subscriptions and sponsored content; Search and navigation functions that automatically recommend relevant information; and Database management and analysis functions.

Kentico Announces New CMS for ASP.NET

Kentico, a new provider of Web content management solutions, has just released Kentico CMS for ASP.NET. Kentico CMS for ASP.NET was designed for Web developers who deliver Web sites to their customers or their companies. Kentico CMS provides a site editor with components for content publishing. Kentico CMS is available for purchase at Its price starts at $499 per production Web site. The development license is free. Kentico also offers partnership to Web consultancies and software companies.

IXIASOFT Releases TEXTML Server 3.1

IXIASOFT announced the release of TEXTML Server 3.1 featuring the TEXTML Fault Tolerance Server (FTS). TEXTML FTS used in conjunction with TEXTML Server will ensure that two or more servers and TEXTML Document Bases installed in parallel are synchronized at all times enabling immediate access to backup servers in the case of a hardware failure. TEXTML Server 3.1 offers the fail-safe reliability of TEXTML FTS to customers that depend on uninterrupted operations of mission-critical systems. The TEXTML FTS will be available in the “Enterprise FT Edition” of TEXTML Server, or as an upgrade for existing systems.

Ektron Releases eWebEditPro+XML version 4.2

Ektron Inc. released eWebEditPro+XML version 4.2. The latest version of the company’s XML authoring tool integrates with content management systems and other Web-based applications to enable anyone to create “smart” forms and capture and validate data based on specific criteria from a browser. eWebEditPro+XML supports three key modes of content creation: designing an authoring template or “smart Web form”; data entry mode for business users; and data display for presenting content within Web sites and using across applications and other channels. The editor also supports the creation of Web-ready HTML/XHTML content, simplifying processes for creating and managing Web sites and intranets. Ektron’s eWebEditPro+XML is a component that integrates into many Web applications, including content management systems and other applications. It offers out-of-the-box validation options and supports custom validations; spreadsheet-like calculations; calendar controls and more.

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