RenderX, Inc. announced the availability of XEP.NET — an XSL formatter component for the .NET environment. XEP.NET employs XML-based processing to convert user documents into high quality typeset publications, including PDF and PostScript formats, for high volume printing and electronic distribution. Created for networked deployment and distributed processing, XEP.NET is based on the same core software as RenderX’s Java version — XEP. In the future, RenderX will maintain both applications with identical functionality; any enhancements to features will be released in both the Java and .NET products at the same time. With this release, RenderX updated both XEP and XEP.NET with new features including support for kerning both XSL FO text and SVG text, page master selection which fully conforms to the XSL specification, improved treatment of overflow conditions, new extension elements, SVG color naming capability, and support for markers in SVG.