Mark Logic Corporation has launched xq:zone, an interactive Web site where developers can find everything they need to put XQuery to work. Developers can download XQuery software and tools, share XQuery solutions, participate in discussions and learn to write production XQuery code. XQuery under development by the W3C, and is designed to query collections of XML data, including vast amounts of disparately structured data that businesses work with every day, but do not fit into traditional relational databases. Visitors to the xq:zone site may download the Community Licensed version of Mark Logic Content Interaction Server. The Community version is not time limited and can be used to build production applications. The license will never expire, but is limited in the amount of data it can contain — approximately 50 MB. However, other editions of Content Interaction Server can be extended to handle a terabyte or more of content. The site also hosts open source software projects, including sample XQuery applications and J2EE integration tools.