Stellent, Inc. announced new features and functionality for Stellent SmartCabinet, a Web-based application that provides paper-intensive real estate companies and corporations with a platform to share and access leases, franchise contracts, insurance policies, amendments and architectural drawings. The enhanced SmartCabinet application now offers real estate users more advanced contribution, customization, control, comprehension and collaboration features. The SmartCabinet solution also provides real estate users more control over how and when internal and external parties access the solution. For collaborative, team-based initiatives, Stellent offers the SmartCabinet Advanced Collaboration module that allows users to define and manage projects in a “virtual deal room” setting. Stellent SmartCabinet is available either as an installed software package or as a rented, hosted service. Hosted service pricing is based on number of users, amount of storage used and a monthly access fee. Customers can purchase the SmartCabinet Advanced Collaboration and SmartCabinet Advanced Workflow modules as add-on features.