Sarvega, Inc. announced the Sarvega XML Context Router, a product to enable loosely coupled multi-point XML Web Services across wide area networks (WANs). The Sarvega XML Context Router is an XML appliance to route XML content at wire speed based on deep content inspection, supporting publish-subscribe (pub-sub) models while providing secure and reliable delivery guarantees. With Sarvega XML Context Routers, users can create complete overlay XML mesh networks, as the XML Context Router provides secure delivery of asynchronous messaging for web services within and outside of the enterprise. It also delivers “Gigabit performance” for XPath-based routing driven by XML routing tables based on support for both XPath 1.0 and XPath 2.0 and, in future, XQuery. The Sarvega XML Context Router is currently in trials with carrier and government customers and will be commercially available in the fall. Additionally, Sarvega will offer PCI/PCI-X cards with Gigabit-level performance in the fall.