RealObjects annouced the official release of its latest cross-platform WYSIWYG XHTML/XML editor “edit-on Pro 4”, designed to bring enterprise features to web-based applications and increase the quality of web content while enforcing corporate design and site standards for style, layout and code. The editor allows non-technical users to become content contributors without knowing HTML, XML or other markup languages. The new edit-on Pro 4 features include: DTD based filtering of imported and pasted content, Guaranteed XHTML compliance according to W3C standards through validation against XHTML DTD, Constraining to XHTML DTD subsets, Extension of the XHTML DTD with custom XML tags, Optional cleaning of Microsoft Word content, Template-based publishing through CSS based read-only elements and areas, WebDAV protocol support, Map of custom actions to document elements using CSS, User interface and XHTML content created are designed to meet the W3C WAI and section 508 accessibility guidelines, Real-time spellchecking as you type. Now including 18 international dictionaries (new: Legal English, Portuguese, separate pre- and post reform German), Tree view to navigate document’s structure and to edit the attributes of all elements with DTD guidance, Swing based UI, Safari support, and more. Customers who are using edit-on Pro 2.x or 3.x with a valid software maintenance subscription may upgrade to edit-on Pro 4 free-of-charge.