Percussion Software introduced Rhythmyx FastForward, a series of enhancements to the company’s Rhythmyx 5 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, designed to speed implementation, deliver more application functionality out-of-the-box and require less customization services to meet common customer needs. The Rhythmyx FastForward series is specifically designed to address the application needs of the mid-tier enterprise market. Not an add-on product, FastForward is a feature set of Rhythmyx, and ships with Rhythmyx modules at no additional cost. Rhythmyx FastForward for WCM (Web Content Management) is the first of the series. It is currently in beta test and will be available next quarter. The second in the series, Rhythmyx FastForward for DM (Document Management) will be available later this year. Others in the FastForward series will be announced with future releases of Rhythmyx. Rather than segmenting the mid-tier market by the size of the enterprises only, Percussion defines the mid-tier ECM market according to the unique content management needs of these customers.