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Escenic & Ontopia Announce Solution for Enterprise Information Strategy & Topic Maps

Escenic and Ontopia have signed a strategic agreement to offer an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution with support for the ISO Topic Maps standard. Escenic and Ontopia will create a standards-based Enterprise Information Integration (EII) strategy. The new solution will equip customers with the tool to offer better services, as information can be identified and processed with greater efficiency. Escenic plans to provide customers with a standards-based Taxonomy Management capability for easing the task of categorizing, managing, and locating content, together with Content Management functionality.,

Blast Radius Introduces XMetaL 4.5

Blast Radius introduced XMetaL 4.5 to simplify the creation of reusable business content. The new “Smart Customization Generator” automatically generates style sheets and behavior customizations from a DTD or schema. These are instantly usable in XMetaL Author and XMAX (XMetaL for ActiveX). When a customization file is updated and saved in XMetaL Developer, XMetaL Author and XMAX (XMetaL for ActiveX) now automatically update themselves to use the new version of the file. Developers can now create application-level customizations that apply to all DTDs and schemas. This simplifies the development of customizations, such as CMS integrations, that are independent of any particular document type. Authors now have the flexibility to move or copy content, including multiple cells, within and among tables using a click, drag-and-drop method. CALS, HTML and XHTML table models are supported. The CSS editor has been streamlined and simplified. Completely revamped project wizards in XMetaL Developer are simpler to use and have an improved workflow.,

RedDot Announces Extended Content Management Solution, XCMS Version 6.0

RedDot Solutions announced the release of the RedDot Extended Content Management Solution (XCMS), Version 6.0. RedDot XCMS 6.0 offers a single, scalable solution, tailored to meet the growing demands of mid-market organizations. The company also announced the release of RedDot CMS 6.0, a core component of XCMS. New in RedDot XCMS 6.0 is a collection of optional modules tailored to each organization’s needs, a redesigned user interface, enhanced security features providing broader support for LDAP and a new module addressing web compliance. RedDot XCMS 6.0 offers a range of ECM Manager modules, providing: web content management, document management, asset management, collaboration and business process management. Each module aligns to a functional area, allowing customers to purchase only the modules they need and incorporate additional modules as their needs change. The new Web Compliance Manager module addresses compliance issues within the staging environment, before the content reaches the public. Pre-configured libraries, including the Section 508 and W3C accessibility standards, are available with the module.

Vignette Debuts Early Adopter Program for Vignette Application Builder 7 with WSRP Support

Vignette Corp. announced the initial availability of Vignette Application Builder 7.0, the company’s composite application solution that now leverages the Web Services for Remote Portals (WSRP) standard. Vignette partners now have the opportunity to augment other portal vendors’ technologies by leveraging Vignette Application Builder’s WSRP production capabilities to deliver targeted solutions for specific business needs and vertical industries, regardless of the underlying architecture. With support for the production of WSRP, Vignette Application Builder now enables application designers to create federated portal applications that can be centrally deployed but consumed by multiple, distributed portals. Vignette Application Builder 7.0 will be generally available in the third quarter of 2004.

CambridgeDocs Announces WordML to XSL:FO Translation

CambridgeDocs announced WordML to XSL:FO capabilities for the upcoming release of its xPublish Framework / Software Development Kit (SDK). With this capability, solution integrators and developers will be able to direct the CambridgeDocs servers to convert WordML documents into XSL:FO. (WordML is the XML format in which Microsoft Word 2003 saves content.) Users will be able to generate of PDF files on a Java-based server, using content authored in Microsoft Word 2003 and saved as WordML. Applications can also manipulate that content programmatically before generating the PDF files. The WordML to XSL:FO functionality is available immediately as part of CambridgeDocs xCTS – the xDoc Content Transformation Server. A future version of these products will also support rendering of XSL:FO into WordML, allowing for two-way transformation between the formats. It also allows Word to be used as an editor for generating XSL:FO templates. Pricing for CambridgeDocs xDoc Content Transformation Server and the Java Word API begins at $10,000 per deployed server. The xPublish Framework begins at $20,000 per deployed server.

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