CambridgeDocs announced WordML to XSL:FO capabilities for the upcoming release of its xPublish Framework / Software Development Kit (SDK). With this capability, solution integrators and developers will be able to direct the CambridgeDocs servers to convert WordML documents into XSL:FO. (WordML is the XML format in which Microsoft Word 2003 saves content.) Users will be able to generate of PDF files on a Java-based server, using content authored in Microsoft Word 2003 and saved as WordML. Applications can also manipulate that content programmatically before generating the PDF files. The WordML to XSL:FO functionality is available immediately as part of CambridgeDocs xCTS – the xDoc Content Transformation Server. A future version of these products will also support rendering of XSL:FO into WordML, allowing for two-way transformation between the formats. It also allows Word to be used as an editor for generating XSL:FO templates. Pricing for CambridgeDocs xDoc Content Transformation Server and the Java Word API begins at $10,000 per deployed server. The xPublish Framework begins at $20,000 per deployed server.