Near-Time, Inc. announced the commercial availability of their product, Near-Time Flow. Flow is a rich client application that leverages existing and emerging Web services standards and content. Flow is a peer-to-peer collaborative content and knowledge manager for Mac OS X Panther. Flow provides essential information integration capabilities. Flow users can access, manage, and repurpose content across the spectrum of private and public information. For instance, users can repurpose a Web log or news feed for an internal project, or a group of individuals can collaborate on content to be published on the Internet. Some of the supported standards include XML, HTML, FTP, WebDav, SMTP, iDisk, RSS, and Web logs (via Atom). Near-Time Flow is available for download, and licenses are available individually or in multi-user packages; priced at $99.95 for a single license, $895.99 for 10 licenses, and $3,995.95 for 50 licenses. The annual basic services fee for a subscription is $29.95 and is available free of charge to Flow customers through August 31, 2004.