Convera Corporation announced the launch of Screening Room 3.0, video search technology with new enterprise security features. Screening Room 3.0 is an optional component to Convera’s RetrievalWare enterprise search platform, which also searches text and audio data. Scalable for increasingly large video archives, Screening Room provides tools to manage and repurpose rich media assets. Used in conjunction with RetrievalWare, Screening Room delivers real-time capture, encoding, analysis and cataloguing of video, in addition to closed caption text, text generated by speech-to-text converters and other metadata over corporate intranets/extranets. Screening Room can eliminate the need for analysts, archivists and general users to watch or play an entire video when only a small clip is needed by leading the searcher directly to the relevant portion of the video. New security features to authenticate users and control the viewing and editing of sensitive video material are included within Screening Room 3.0.