CMS Watch announced the release of Version 6 of “The CMS Report”, with updated analysis and product surveys. The CMS Report provides a comprehensive overview of Web Content Management products and best practices. The new version includes updated, 4-7 page comparative evaluations of 25 Web CMS offerings as well as short descriptions of more than 15 other products across 7 vendor categories. Version 6 of The CMS Report comes in an optional, expanded “Enterprise Edition,” which addresses special issues of enterprise-level implementations, including multisite management, content integration,
enterprise-class deployment, enterprise governance models, and new “ECM”
product suites. The Enterprise Edition examines five vendor offerings — from Interwoven, Vignette, FileNet, Stellent, and Documentum – in addition to those of 20 additional Web CMS vendors reviewed in the Standard Edition. The report is available for purchase online from CMS Watch.