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Day: June 27, 2004

Surety & Open Text Partner to Deliver Data Integrity Services for Livelink

Surety, LLC, provider of perpetual data integrity solutions, and Open Text Corporation announced a partnership to offer data integrity services with Open Text’s enterprise content management (ECM) solutions. Under the terms of the agreement, Surety’s AbsoluteProof data integrity service will be integrated into Open Text’s Livelink solutions enabling customers in regulated industries to protect intellectual property, defend evidence in court and comply with regulatory mandates by proving that their electronic records have not been tampered with in any way. Surety will become part of Open Text’s Alliance Partner Program, which establishes select partnerships with industry and market leaders to provide all the necessary components of a complete ECM solution.

DataDirect Announces DataDirect XQuery

DataDirect Technologies announced the development of DataDirect XQuery, an embeddable software product that enables Java developers to access both relational and XML data sources using a single query. Built to accommodate XQuery, the language for querying and creating XML documents, DataDirect XQuery will join DataDirect Technologies’ offering of data connectivity components. Primarily queried from relational databases, business-critical data is increasingly required to be exchanged and processed as either XML data, or a combination of XML data and relational data. Recognizing this, the W3C has developed XQuery as a uniform language for data exchange. In the same way that SQL provides a query language for relational databases, XQuery will provide a common language for accessing both XML and relational data stores. DataDirect XQuery is scheduled to be available in the first half of 2005. A strategic beta program is scheduled to be available this fall.

Near-Time Introduces Content & Knowledge Manager for Mac OS X Panther

Near-Time, Inc. announced the commercial availability of their product, Near-Time Flow. Flow is a rich client application that leverages existing and emerging Web services standards and content. Flow is a peer-to-peer collaborative content and knowledge manager for Mac OS X Panther. Flow provides essential information integration capabilities. Flow users can access, manage, and repurpose content across the spectrum of private and public information. For instance, users can repurpose a Web log or news feed for an internal project, or a group of individuals can collaborate on content to be published on the Internet. Some of the supported standards include XML, HTML, FTP, WebDav, SMTP, iDisk, RSS, and Web logs (via Atom). Near-Time Flow is available for download, and licenses are available individually or in multi-user packages; priced at $99.95 for a single license, $895.99 for 10 licenses, and $3,995.95 for 50 licenses. The annual basic services fee for a subscription is $29.95 and is available free of charge to Flow customers through August 31, 2004.

Canto Release Internet Client Pro 2.0

Canto announced the immediate availability of Internet Client Pro 2.0. Internet Client Pro 2.0 is a Web-client permitting data upload and
editing as well as cataloging. This Internet Solution is compatible with all
Cumulus 6 Workgroup Editions – it is a component of Cumulus 6 Business
Server Solution and Cumulus 6 Enterprise. Internet Client Pro 2.0 enables users to create dynamic web pages allowing customers to search for images and other documents within Cumulus catalogs using standard Web browsers. According to their user rights, visitors can also catalog new assets, assign assets to new categories, edit and update stored metadata or check-in and check-out assets for local processing without having to install additional software. Internet Client Pro 2.0 is available for download or from a Canto Sales partner for USD 6,995 in the Americas or EUR 6,995 outside the Americas, respectively. It ships with English, German, French and Japanese user interface on Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris and Linux platforms. Upgrades for existing Internet Client installations will also be offered. Customers who have
bought Upgrade Advantage (UAP) receive the Upgrade of Internet Client Pro 2.0 for free.

Percussion Introduces Rhythmyx FastForward

Percussion Software introduced Rhythmyx FastForward, a series of enhancements to the company’s Rhythmyx 5 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, designed to speed implementation, deliver more application functionality out-of-the-box and require less customization services to meet common customer needs. The Rhythmyx FastForward series is specifically designed to address the application needs of the mid-tier enterprise market. Not an add-on product, FastForward is a feature set of Rhythmyx, and ships with Rhythmyx modules at no additional cost. Rhythmyx FastForward for WCM (Web Content Management) is the first of the series. It is currently in beta test and will be available next quarter. The second in the series, Rhythmyx FastForward for DM (Document Management) will be available later this year. Others in the FastForward series will be announced with future releases of Rhythmyx. Rather than segmenting the mid-tier market by the size of the enterprises only, Percussion defines the mid-tier ECM market according to the unique content management needs of these customers.

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