Vasont Systems announced that its Vasont SG content management software now seamlessly integrates with Adobe FrameMaker and its XML capabilities through its Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI) software extension. Designed for small editorial groups with limited resources, Vasont SG is a low-cost version of the Companys content management software that helps users more efficiently create, manage and repurpose their complex content, including technical documentation, product or users’ manuals, and reference materials, to print, Web, CD-ROM, and wireless formats. The VUI streamlines the writing and editing process by providing a simple editorial interface so that authors and editors can access Vasont SGs content management functionality from the toolbar menu of FrameMaker. Additionally, Vasont SG tracks all reuse, repurposing, and versioning of content, even as changes are made through FrameMaker enabling small editorial groups to create, manage and publish their content from a single source.