Service Integrity announced the general availability of the SIFT XML Visibility Software, 2.0. SIFT 2.0 from Service Integrity is a monitoring and analysis solution that provides deep visibility into XML and Web services. It can be used to relate the business meaning of messages with the underlying IT data flow, providing a business context. The high-speed, low-overhead inspection of XML and Web Services traffic provides organizations with a detailed understanding of service levels and real time insight into the business context of messages and transactions. SIFT 2.0 XML Dialect Factory provides insight into industry-specific communications using ACORD, IFX, OTA, RETS and CDISC. Libraries of common messages and the business meaning behind specific fields in the messages can be accessed to understand the XML stream in real time. SIFT 2.0 supports XML, SOAP and WSDL as well as WS-Security, WS-Reliable Messaging and WS- Coordination. SIFT operates on application servers including Microsoft, IBM, BEA and JBOSS, as well as other J2EE-compliant servers. SIFT XML Visibility Software, 2.0 is available immediately and may be purchased online effective April 26, 2004.