Hot Banana Software Inc. and SitePosition announced a partnership to co-market Hot Banana, a Web Content Management System, built from the ground up in harmony with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. Websites with content that has previously been inaccessible to search engine spiders, due to Macromedia’s Flash!, or dynamic or database-driven content, can now admit search engine spiders and crawlers to access all publicly-available web content, no matter how deep. Hot Banana’s ability to parse and index all existing and updated web content, information and data enables any website to achieve a balance between organic search engine rankings and a paid-ranking strategy with Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Hot Banana is built on Macromedia’s Cold Fusion MX Server, can leverage the features available to a J2EE application server, and can be deployed on IBM’s WebSphere or Macromedia’s JRUN. Hot Banana’s database engine is Microsoft’s SQL Server, and Hot Banana is .NET-, XML-, and Web Services-ready. Web server performance is taken into consideration by caching database queries, creating persistent Web page objects, and producing cached, XML-based navigation structures.,