Comprendium announced the immediate availability of ContentGateWay 2.1. This version of its content integration solution extends product functionality, while making it simpler to use. Building on Comprendium’s Content Services Platform concept ContentGateWay 2.1 includes additional application and infrastructure platform support; enhanced security, scalability and availability features; and a number of end-user enhancements. ContentGateWay 2.1 enhances support for essential enterprise functionality, including load balancing, clustering, caching, and replication. ContentGateWay2.1 provides a unified interface to all content repositories (e.g. XML, Java, .net) by supporting any available protocol such as Corba, SOAP, JMS, RMI, and SMI Comprendium’s optimized content protocol. With the new Virtual View users no longer need to know where content resides, since all integrated repositories are available. They can also easily build their own content GUIs or integrate them into existing applications through the availability of content access visual content components (e.g. taglibs, ActiveX). ContentGateWay is based on J2EE and includes a SOAP-based interface.