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Day: May 2, 2004

SAQQARA Introduces CDM for e-Procurement

SAQQARA Inc. announced SAQQARA Commerce Data Management (CDM) for e-Procurement. SAQQARA CDM is a managed service that enables enterprises to reach their spend management (ESM) objectives by providing and maintaining commerce data. CDM for e-Procurement replaces SAQQARA’s Catalog Management Solution (CMS). SAQQARA manages the entire catalog management process including supplier engagement, content acquisition, content transformation, exception management, filtering, and an aggregated supplier catalog for use through e-procurement systems. SAQQARA CDM for e-Procurement works transparently with e-Procurement systems from Ariba, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. Features include supplier enablement and on-boarding of catalogs, supplier management, product content management, catalog management and an optimized purchasing interface. SAQQARA CDM for e-Procurement will be available in Q2. Pricing is based on platform access and per-supplier charges.

Adobe Acquires Q-Link Technologies

Adobe Systems Incorporated announced that it has acquired Q-Link Technologies, Inc., a provider of business process management software. The acquisition provides Java-based workflow technology that will be integrated with the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform to help customers reduce document processing cycle times, eliminate bottlenecks and integrate business processes more easily and efficiently across the extended enterprise. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, although Adobe said the acquisition will not have a material financial impact on the company. A privately held company based in Tampa, Florida, with customers in government, financial services, manufacturing and telecommunications, Q-Link provides a J2EE component based workflow architecture that enables developers to visually assemble complete applications. From workflow to forms, UI design, rules, web services, integration and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), Q-Link offers a solution to build process-driven applications.

Service Integrity Launches SIFT XML Visibility Software 2.0

Service Integrity announced the general availability of the SIFT XML Visibility Software, 2.0. SIFT 2.0 from Service Integrity is a monitoring and analysis solution that provides deep visibility into XML and Web services. It can be used to relate the business meaning of messages with the underlying IT data flow, providing a business context. The high-speed, low-overhead inspection of XML and Web Services traffic provides organizations with a detailed understanding of service levels and real time insight into the business context of messages and transactions. SIFT 2.0 XML Dialect Factory provides insight into industry-specific communications using ACORD, IFX, OTA, RETS and CDISC. Libraries of common messages and the business meaning behind specific fields in the messages can be accessed to understand the XML stream in real time. SIFT 2.0 supports XML, SOAP and WSDL as well as WS-Security, WS-Reliable Messaging and WS- Coordination. SIFT operates on application servers including Microsoft, IBM, BEA and JBOSS, as well as other J2EE-compliant servers. SIFT XML Visibility Software, 2.0 is available immediately and may be purchased online effective April 26, 2004.

Authentica Announces Professional Services Group

Authentica, Inc. announced the formal introduction of its Professional Services Organization. The group now offers a full suite of implementation and custom consulting services to Authentica’s enterprise customers. Authentica’s Professional Services enable customers to maximize the benefits of their E-DRM solutions by offering: fixed-fee packages that provide rapid deployment and training for customer-specific business solutions for workgroups, departments and enterprises; extended analysis and consultation to help customers fully customize and integrate their E-DRM solutions within their enterprise infrastructure. These services include applications integration, custom security policy models and workflow enhancements.

Vasont Integrates with Adobe FrameMaker

Vasont Systems announced that its Vasont SG content management software now seamlessly integrates with Adobe FrameMaker and its XML capabilities through its Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI) software extension. Designed for small editorial groups with limited resources, Vasont SG is a low-cost version of the Companys content management software that helps users more efficiently create, manage and repurpose their complex content, including technical documentation, product or users’ manuals, and reference materials, to print, Web, CD-ROM, and wireless formats. The VUI streamlines the writing and editing process by providing a simple editorial interface so that authors and editors can access Vasont SGs content management functionality from the toolbar menu of FrameMaker. Additionally, Vasont SG tracks all reuse, repurposing, and versioning of content, even as changes are made through FrameMaker enabling small editorial groups to create, manage and publish their content from a single source.

Kofax Announces Support for IBM’s DB2 Content Manager Express

Kofax announced support for IBM’s DB2 Content Manager Express Edition V8.2. The Ascent Capture integration module for DB2 Content Manager Express offers users access to a production capture solution, including document, data and Internet-based distributed capture, that helps input information into IBM’s content management solution. IBM’s DB2 Content Manager Express software is designed to help medium-sized organizations implement a holistic digital content management infrastructure. Through the integration of Ascent Capture, these organizations can now collect large volumes of forms and documents, transform them into retrievable electronic information, then deliver it into IBM’s DB2 Content Manager Express. Ascent can also capture e-documents and XML streams as well as enable front-end integration with enterprise applications.

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