Xpriori announced the expansion of its operation and the availability of Xpriori’s NeoCore XMS version 3.0. Xpriori, LLC was formed in September 2003 to address the content and information management markets. Xpriori acquired all NeoCore intellectual property, among them NeoCore XMS, an XML-based information management system. Xpriori is expanding operations to include a new Web-based campaign targeted at developers. Fully functional developer licenses of NeoCore XMS, with no time limitations, will be made available to developers free of charge. NeoCore XMS supports popular development environments and integration kits are available for numerous front-end applications, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Infopath, Adobe products, XML Spy, Mapforce, and others. NeoCore XMS is available for Windows, Solaris and Linux platforms. Licenses are available for enterprise, small-mid sized, and embedded deployments. www.xpriori.com