TRADOS Inc., announced the launch of TRADOS TeamWorks, a localization process management solution. The new offering is intended to transform the way localization and translation teams work – streamlining the entire process from creation to delivery. The goal is to maintain the integrity of critical information such as brand messaging, product information, internal documents, and other materials with legal and regulatory implications. With each additional participant in the process – many working in incompatible formats – the complexity of the process increases significantly as does the opportunity for costly inefficiencies and errors. TRADOS TeamWorks is designed to strengthen and optimize every link in the chain – tying together the work of content authors, project managers, project specialists, translators, quality assurance specialists and reviewers or editors. As a centralized collaboration platform, TRADOS TeamWorks also unifies the different formats, such as HTML and applications from Microsoft and Adobe. TRADOS TeamWorks capabilities include Web-accessible central translation memory, localization project management, collaborative workflow for process optimization, task-level automation, integrated quality assurance, and other functionality.