PaperThin, Inc. announced the availability of CommonSpot Content Server version 4.0, the company’s Web content management solution. This major release introduces new scalability options, added developer and administrator capabilities, and expanded content creation features. Dozens of enhancements to existing features are also introduced in this release. New scalability options in version 4.0 include enhancements to the replication feature and a static content generation module. By separating the process for handling dynamic and static content, a more scalable, reliable and higher performance site can be realized. This new feature also enables easier incorporation of third party applications, providing support for a broader range of technologies. Enhancements to CommonSpot’s custom metadata and custom element features introduced in version 4.0 allow for even more flexible content re-use. New 4.0 features like comprehensive spell check, visual difference and pop-up calendars help authors create and publish content more accurately. Many new administrator tools were also added in this release.