Inxight Software, Inc. announced Inxight TimeWall, a visual timeline analysis tool. TimeWall provides users with the ability to see the bigger picture of the information at hand and allows them to focus on and interact with specific, important data points. TimeWall displays data on an interactive, three-dimensional “wall”, that allows analysts and other decision-makers to view huge data sets on one screen, at the same time giving them the ability to focus on specific areas of interest. This ability ensures that the context of the entire data set is not lost. When the user spots a cluster of activity, a simple click moves that period of time into focus, allowing the user to see the specifics of the events what happened in what order and includes links to the original information source. Users can also filter views to show only the data that is of specific interest to them. TimeWall will be available as a component of Inxight VizServer. Inxight TimeWall is available immediately.