Merant announced a new version of its web content management (WCM) solution, Merant Collage. Collage now features automatic workflow generation, incremental content deployment, and broader support for Web Services. In addition to support for Linux, Solaris, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, Merant Collage now supports Windows Server 2003 and AIX. Using Merant Collage Automatic Workflow, users can author content from within common desktop applications, such as Microsoft Office, and then save it to Merant Collage where it is automatically routed through appropriate workflow processes. Merant Collage 4.5 also includes “incremental deploy,” a new capability which enables organizations to intelligently deploy complex web sites. The product analyzes any new changes to content and calculates what needs to be deployed to the production server so that very large web sites can be rapidly deployed on a regular basis. Merant Collage 4.5 will be available in April 2004.