Dralasoft, Inc. announced the release of Workflow 3.0 of its Business Process Management (BPM) software. Leading the improvements in Version 3.0 is a new SOAP interface. Workflow 3.0 enables business units and/or trading partners to integrate common workflow technology into any major production situation, such as document management, task management, claims processing, e-commerce, and supply chain management. Dralasoft Workflow is comprised of three modules: Dralasoft Workflow Engine, the runtime component; Dralasoft Studio, a drag-and-drop design interface for workflow development; and Dralasoft Workflow Manager, the applications reporting and analysis tool. In addition to their existing support for Java, XML, LDAP, HTTP and JDBC, the three modules now fully support SOAP, making them suitable for Windows .NET implementations as well as other kinds of web services. Also new to Workflow 3.0 is a new process for creating web forms. Automatic upgrades are made available to all users, including Workflow 3.0. www.dralasoft.com