Convera announced Taxonomy Workbench, a complete set of tools for organizing large amounts of disparate data. Taxonomy Workbench is designed for use by information managers, librarians, and subject matter experts. The Workbench helps create an easily searched organizational structure for each organization’s own specific online public information. To leverage data organization models that are already in place, users can integrate and modify existing taxonomies or thesauri. Automated import, generation, combination and pruning wizards aid in accelerated taxonomy and classification development. Convera also introduced five new industry-specific taxonomies including Genetics, Finance & Business, General Enterprise, Technology and U.S. Government. The new Convera taxonomies are enhanced versions of taxonomies that contain a controlled vocabulary and classification structure developed by taxonomy builder ProQuest Information and Learning. The ProQuest framework for each industry-specific taxonomy enables precise mapping of data and an exact search of subject fields. Each taxonomy powered by ProQuest is regularly updated.,