CambridgeDocs announced the xDoc SDK. Aimed at providing programmatic access to the xDoc Server’s APIs, the xDoc SDK is designed to reduce the time it takes for developers to build custom business applications that take advantage of the rich content stored in unstructured documents. CambridgeDocs’ xDoc Server functionality not only automates the conversion of files to XML, but is also capable of transforming XML documents into desired output XML schemas or even to end-user documents like MS Word, PDF or XHTML. The xDoc SDK contains access to all of CambridgeDocs’ APIs including .NET, Command Line, and COM as well as an enhanced Java API, and Servlet Interface for EJB connections. With the xDoc SDK content-centric applications can be built on top of either Linux or Windows systems. CambridgeDocs’ Server support XSLT, and XSL:FO. It can also use any XML-schema or DTD as the target or source for transformation, including DocBook XML, 3001 MIL STD, Legal XML or customer-specific schemas or DTDs.