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Day: March 21, 2004 (Page 1 of 2)

Sirsi Delivers Preconfigured Z39.50 Search Maps

Sirsi Corporation announced that it is delivering preconfigured client search name maps for more than 20 of the most popular Z39.50 servers. Previously, Sirsi sent only two attributes for searches to search destination servers. Now, all six available attributes under the Z39.50 protocol are mapped and available. Searches are no longer dependent upon the defaults set by the server receiving the query. Versions include EBSCO Information Services, Library of Congress, National Library of Canada, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, and OCLC WorldCat. A complete listing of the most popular versions of the Z39.50 preconfigured server searches is available to Sirsi clients at

Factiva Launches iWorker Search Technology

Factiva launched Factiva iWorker Search Technology. Factiva iWorker Search Technology matches simple, keyword searches to the filtering capability embedded within Factiva’s proprietary taxonomy. The taxonomy consists of company, region, industry, language, and subject codes that are universally applied to Factiva’s entire content set to help ensure more precise and accurate results. In addition, the search experience is personalized as users set their preference for a specific region and industry, which influences the relevance of their results. Factiva iWorker Search Technology is a capability of Factiva’s product platform and will be available in the following products:, Individual Subscription, Factiva Search Module, and Factiva Search in Microsoft Office 2003. A new Factiva Toolbar has been created to give users convenient access to Factiva’s content through their browser.

Plumtree Launches Applications Incubator Program

Plumtree Software introduced the Plumtree Applications Incubator, a program that supports partners building service-oriented applications using the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite. The program offers qualified application partners engineering, marketing and sales support, with an engineering team dedicated to co-developing Plumtree-powered applications, subsidized marketing forums for approaching Plumtree’s install-base, and opportunities for co-selling with Plumtree’s sales force. To support its inaugural application partners, Plumtree is offering eligible partners a one-year OEM license of the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite for as little as $25,000 per quarter.

Innovation Gate Releases WebGate Anywhere 3

Innovation Gate announced the release of WebGate Anywhere 3. Built upon J2EE technology, WebGate Anywhere provides a solution with multiple authoring clients, multiple outputs from One Source data store, and integrated
document “collections” that take advantage of access to legacy data along with data internal to the application. Multiple authoring clients include MS Word, browser, e-mail, Lotus Notes or any XML editor. Outputs include HTML, PDF (created on the fly), PDA, cell phone and XML. Special drivers and a language called WebTML, make it possible to create data collections from a variety of sources accessible from a web browser. Customers can mix a variety of data stores to feed their web sites, including DB2, MySQL, SAB DB, Oracle, Sybase, Progress, Mckoi SQl, Interbase, Pointbase, Postgre-SQL, HypersonicSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Ingres, Informix and Frontbase as well as Domino nsf’s. They can also choose to administer their sites with a browser based front end, or they can use Domino, the traditional WebGate Anywhere platform.

Dralasoft Debuts Workflow 3.0 For Web Services

Dralasoft, Inc. announced the release of Workflow 3.0 of its Business Process Management (BPM) software. Leading the improvements in Version 3.0 is a new SOAP interface. Workflow 3.0 enables business units and/or trading partners to integrate common workflow technology into any major production situation, such as document management, task management, claims processing, e-commerce, and supply chain management. Dralasoft Workflow is comprised of three modules: Dralasoft Workflow Engine, the runtime component; Dralasoft Studio, a drag-and-drop design interface for workflow development; and Dralasoft Workflow Manager, the applications reporting and analysis tool. In addition to their existing support for Java, XML, LDAP, HTTP and JDBC, the three modules now fully support SOAP, making them suitable for Windows .NET implementations as well as other kinds of web services. Also new to Workflow 3.0 is a new process for creating web forms. Automatic upgrades are made available to all users, including Workflow 3.0.

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