Universal Conversion Technologies (UCT) announced the release and availability of version 3.0 of their Data Conversion Architecture (DCA) product. DCA 3.0 is designed specifically for the conversion of large legacy system record files to XML-based systems. The target XML systems can include any XML schemas, including the ACORD XML standard schemas. DCA 3.0 offers two strategies for converting legacy records to XML. Users can import an entire XML schema as a target (or any manageable subsection of a schema) and can map from their existing legacy system records. Users can also choose to create one-to-one mappings of individual XML elements. After mapping is completed, DCA 3.0 automatically generates the conversion programs to convert legacy system data into XML streams, which can be fed to the target system through the DCA browser. DCA 3.0 includes enhanced record definition and XML schema management, with the ability to view, download, and export record definitions and XML schemas. When DCA automatically creates a datamap, insurers can now determine whether the map is a standard map, a balance map or a special-purpose map. www.uctcorp.com