THINQ Learning Solutions, Inc. announced the availability of the THINQ Learning Content Management System (LCMS), a browser-based tool to create, deploy and manage content for training and learning programs enterprise-wide. Available as an optional module of the THINQ TrainingServer Learning Management System (LMS), THINQ Module enables organizations to develop and aggregate new and existing content, while supporting strategies for adaptive learning, scenarios and simulations. All users within an organization can post content – notes from a seminar or outside class, diagrams or web resources – to a single THINQ LCMS repository for content delivery. In addition, users can translate content into other languages. The THINQ LCMS is designed to support both a “push” and “pull” approach to learning. Learners can pull desired content from a searchable database mapped to specific coursework. Alternatively, organizations can push pre-defined content to learners based on job performance, required training and career goals.