Stellent, Inc. announced expanded email records management functionality for their records management and compliance solutions. Stellent also announced it received DoD 5015.2 certification for its Records Management solution. Email managed in the Universal Content Management environment can automatically take advantage of the functionality available in Stellent Records Management. Users can now: submit email and email attachments into Stellent’s Universal Content Management system through a drag-and-drop interface in Microsoft Outlook; submit email and email attachments into Stellent’s Content Management system through its integrated SMTP server; index email attachments and make them searchable, as well as present them in PDF or HTML; attach native or converted content stored in the Stellent system to emails created in standard email applications; automatically tag email and attachments for records management; designate email and attachments as “candidates” for a record, triggering a workflow to have them reviewed by a records manager for final determination; and, track Microsoft Outlook email contributions and all related activities, including workflows, access and disposition.