Open Text Corporation said it is introducing new software tools for corporate governance compliance, including the ability to upload information from internal controls databases, such as Deloitte’s Risk and Controls Knowledgebase or RACK. The new features for Livelink for Corporate Governance include an XML-based bulk import loader, which uploads internal controls information from Deloitte’s RACK as well as other databases that produce Excel or XML representations of control structures. Once internal controls data is uploaded into Livelink, project teams can use the data in the workspace to create, manage and monitor procedures for each area where internal controls are needed. The workspaces provide workflows and checklists for each control; process documentation; audit practices; risk mitigation and issue remediation plans; policy documents; and records of a company’s assessments of its controls. Other new features Open Text is introducing for Livelink for Corporate Governance include Risk Register and Collaborative Document Review.