Davisor has released its new Offisor 2.0 with improved Microsoft Word import features, including the ability to convert images and drawings in Word documents into XML in a pure Java computing environment. With Offisor 2.0, users can now turn their non-XML documents into easy-to-index XML text and SVG and PNG images. The main application areas for Davisor Offisor 2.0 include searchable central storage of data, content management, dynamic electronic and printed publishing, and processing of e-mail attachments. Offisor 2.0 converts Word and HTML content into XML, which can then be accessed, searched and indexed. In document management and publishing systems, Offisor enables e.g. banks, insurance or health care companies to access data in central databases and embed it in Word forms and documents. Davisor Offisor 2.0 can be either embedded into any pure Java application or used independently. Offisor 2.0 does not require proprietary external support software or services. It supports all Word and HTML versions, and is also very tolerant for common document syntax errors. The image formats supported include Word Drawing, Windows Metafile, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BPM. Davisor Offisor 2.0 is available today. www.davisor.com