Mediasurface announced the release of Mediasurface 5 and Morello, a Smart Client Office application for content management. Morello is a desktop application with a graphical interface enabling business professionals to deliver sophisticated websites; requiring no knowledge of HTML. Presented through a Windows client environment, Morello users can select template, explore content and using a choice of views, organise the site in a way that makes sense to them. The Mediasurface Knowledge Module extracts meaning from a piece of content and uses the meaning to make sites easier to maintain and search. For example, as new content is entered, it can be classified and automatically attached to the relevant part of the site. Once complete the content is then available for searching by its genuine meaning, making finding information an easier task. Browser based access to edit and manage content across the web is available via the Mediasurface Content Management Console (CMC). The Mediasurface web based contribution and management layer contains tools such as “to do” lists, rich text editing, content searching and workflow visualisation.