Interwoven, Inc. announced the availability of WorkSite 8.0, a platform designed specifically for matter centric collaboration in law firms. WorkSite 8.0 allows law firms to effectively consolidate all relevant content for any given matter — documents, e-mails, billing information, and contacts — in a single electronic matter file that can be accessed globally. This is the first major WorkSite release after the merger of Interwoven and iManage. WorkSite 8.0 incorporates “matter centric collaboration” (MCC), a user-centric design which enables lawyers and other professional services practitioners to do in the electronic world what they have done for more than 100 years in the physical world. MCC creates the electronic equivalent of a case file by consolidating documents, e-mails, billing, contacts, and all other relevant content for any given matter in a single integrated file that is accessible both internally and externally across departments and locations.