Informative Graphics Corp. (IGC) announced the release of its Brava! Reader 2.0 software. Brava Reader 2.0 can be used as a TIFF viewer for multipage documents, color images and oversized scanned drawings files. Brava Reader 2.0 can also view files converted by IGC’s publishing products, such as the Net-It Now client-side publisher and Net-It CAD plug-ins. Net-It products are used to generate, compress and distribute CAD drawings, documents and images as “content sealed format” (CSF) files, which are readable by the Brava Reader. CSF files provide the ability to find text in the document, measure CAD drawings by geometry snapping and navigate by CAD layers/levels. CSF files are automatically encrypted, but allow IGC’s Visual Rights persistent security options to be selected by the user. They can be distributed by both e-mail and Web pages, as well as resources within content management systems. Brava Reader supports all Visual Rights settings, including blocked-out content (redaction) and “burned-in” markups generated by the soon-to-be-released Brava (Enterprise) 5.0. Brava Reader is immediately available for free download at,