Atomz announced On-Demand Web Site Solutions for enterprise, commerce and media companies. These solutions integrate search, content management, promotions, e-marketing and reporting. Atomz Commerce guides online visitors to products they want and influences them to purchase more merchandise through cross-sell, up-sell and merchandising. Atomz Media & Entertainment enables content-focused Web sites to deliver the right content and increases Web site agility by empowering writers, editors and marketers. Atomz also announced a Site-Centered Content Management capability, which provides content contributors a content management experience that’s like navigating a Web site. Users “browse to edit” until they see the content that they want to edit or add — there is no need to login and navigate through a disconnected system — then use “one click editing” and “one click publishing”. A single click on an Instant Shortcut icon on the browser toolbar brings up interfaces for previewing, editing, viewing history, and collaborating. Content owners and colleagues can use email to communicate regarding changes to the Web site, while Atomz tracks each communication and maintains a history and audit trail.