Percussion Software announced new enhancements across its product suite, including: Lyrix 2, a J2EE/.Net integration product for Domino, which is scheduled for release in March. New features include bi-directional support for Content Services, giving users the ability to submit content changes from target applications to Domino applications, and Single Sign On, which allows users to sign in to a non-Domino system based on their security (ACLs) from Domino; and ServerAdmin Plus V8.5, part of the suite of Power Tools for Lotus Domino, also scheduled for release in March. New features in the Client Manager module enable automation of special projects such as: server consolidation, renaming and decommissioning servers as well as new server setups. Additional new features in the Client Manager allow administrators to manage end users’ clients remotely, including management of desktop icons, replicator pages, bookmarks, location documents, connection documents, and Notes.ini files. Version 8.5 also provides new database document migration, and the addition of over 40 new parameters to the popular NSF Search module, including advanced replication, document locking and full-text index settings.