Open Text Corporation introduced new capabilities that give customers a complete solution for managing electronic and paper-based forms. The new features enhance Livelink eForms Management, Open Text’s integrated forms solution for Livelink. Livelink eForms Management makes it easy to design and produce forms that can be used in both electronic and paper formats. Livelink can then rapidly disseminate these forms, capture and reuse the entered information, and track each step in the overall process, including electronic authorizations. The new capabilities include: An integration between Cardiff TELEform, a solution for automated online forms processing and Livelink eForms Management; New XML features, so that forms originating from outside of Livelink can be managed using Livelink eForms Management; Integration between Livelink eForms Management and Livelink eSign; Support for additional form formats within Livelink, including HTML, PDF, and MS InfoPath; Additional data collection flexibility including point and click configurable output to JDBC and ODBC compliant databases; Enhanced expression builder for point-and-click design of complex form field relationships and calculations; and support for Open Text’s latest version of Livelink–version 9.2.