The Open Financial Exchange (OFX) Consortium announced the public availability of the OFX 2.0.2 XML Schema. The new OFX 2.0.2 XML Schema is compliant with the W3C’s XML Schema Recommendation, 2 May 2001. It complements the existing OFX 2.0.2 specification and DTD to enable software developers to utilize the latest in XML technology. Additionally, the new OFX XML Schema provides a clear expansion path to allow OFX to support other XML technologies such as SOAP and WSDL. It also expands OFX to support account aggregation in a manner that conforms to the latest BITS Phase II Aggregation guidelines. OFX can support connectivity within the systems of the financial institutions. The OFX XML schema allows intra-enterprise-oriented tools to be developed using XML technology that, while dedicated to internal purposes, also adheres to an industry standard. This helps assure interoperability with other internal and external systems. The OFX 2.0.2 XML Schema was developed by the OFX Web services working group chaired by Business Logic. Other key contributors were Intuit, Microsoft and Citigroup. The consortium, which includes Intuit Inc., Microsoft, CheckFree Corp., Citigroup, TD Waterhouse and Corrillian Corp., has made the new schema available for review and is requesting that comments be submitted.