Macromedia announced the immediate availability of Macromedia RoboInfo 5.0. RoboInfo enables organizations to publish and manage policies and procedures online. Once the information is published, end users can find what they need via a table of contents, index, and glossary. RoboInfo 5.0 contains new content management features such as workflow audit trails, version control with document rollback, and administrator permissions that empower organizations to control their online policies and procedures from creation through delivery. RoboInfo Pro enables detailed usage feedback reports to help optimize content to be more effective for its intended audience. Natural-language search, as well as full-text searches for non-English languages, enable end users to easily find relevant information. RoboInfo and Contribute can be used together to create intranet sites for organizations. With RoboHelp X5, users can leverage support for XML, PDF import/export, content management, distributed workforces, team authoring capabilities, as well as the newly released JavaHelp 2.0 from Sun. Inc.RoboInfo 5.0 is priced at $799, with RoboInfo Pro 5.0 at $1799. Upgrades for RoboInfo are priced at $499, with RoboInfo Pro at $999. RoboHelp X5, priced at $999. Upgrades from RoboHelp 2002, RoboHelp X3 or RoboHelp X4 are $499. Upgrades from RoboHelp versions 4 through 9 are $