iWay Software, an Information Builders company, announced that its Adapter Framework has been tested and approved by IBM for use with IBM DB2 Information Integrator software. iWay’s adapters add over 100 additional data sources, including packaged applications and legacy databases, to the list of sources DB2 Information Integrator can federate. The combination of DB2 Information Integrator and iWay’s Adapter Framework offers developers a solution for real-time integrated access to and analysis of all data types across disparate information systems inside and outside the enterprise. End users can now send one request to DB2 Information Integrator and seamlessly query multiple systems. For example, an end-user request for customer information might require data from relational databases, content repositories, CRM applications, and ERP systems. DB2 Information Integrator determines the optimal access plan, divides up the query, relays relevant individual source queries through the iWay Adapter Framework to various back-end systems, aggregates the responses, and returns a single answer set to the user. www.iwaysoftware.com