Information Mapping, Inc. announced that it will be releasing a major upgrade to Formatting Solutions Pro (FS Pro) and Formatting Solutions XML (FS XML) on January 15, 2004. Version 2.0 of both products contains new features and is built on an architecture that will more easily support customizations and lessen the product’s dependency on Microsoft Windows in future releases. FS XML 2.0 has, in addition to all the same features and functionality as FS Pro 2.0, an XML output engine and XSL style sheets that allow users to create flexible structured content from Microsoft Word and store it in an XML content repository or display it in a variety of ways. FS Pro 2.0 and FS XML 2.0 will be the first versions of the tool to work with Microsoft Word 2003. FS Pro and FS XML are available only to Information Mapping seminar graduates. Information Mapping is now accepting orders for both products and is offering a 10% discount off orders received before January 15. The suggested list price of FS Pro 2.0 is $199 and the upgrade price for current FS Pro users is $75. The suggested list price of FS XML 2.0 is $395 and the upgrade price for current FS XML users is $75. FS Pro users can upgrade to FS XML 2.0 for $150.