Adobe Systems Incorporated shipped Adobe FrameMaker 7.1 software, the upgrade to its enterprise authoring and publishing solution. Importing and migrating technical documents into FrameMaker 7.1 is now easier and faster. With the Conditional Text feature, authors can maintain different variations of a document in a single XML source file. The variations can be controlled and previewed for print and PDF, and can be utilized in XML transformations downstream. Users can also now manage cross-references between XML files. Both features provide greater flexibility in managing and delivering content in XML. Windows users can expand on previous projects by migrating technical documents created in Adobe PageMaker (versions 6.5-7.0) and QuarkXPress (versions 3.3-4.1) directly into FrameMaker 7.1. SVG can be used as a single source for publishing vector graphics in printed materials, Adobe PDF, or on the Web. FrameMaker 7.1 for Windows and Sun Solaris is now available in the United States, Europe and Canada. FrameMaker 7.1, desktop version, for Windows is US$799 for the full version and $199 for the upgrade. On Sun Solaris, the full version is $1,329 and $279 for the upgrade. For Macintosh users, FrameMaker 7.0 is still available for both Mac OS 9 and OS X Classic.