A2i, Inc. announced xCat will immediately support the JSR 168 portlet interface standard, as well as the portal environments, including IBM WebSphere Portal. Each of the portlets in A2i’s library provides specific capabilities and user interface for accessing any data stored in the xCat system, is fully adaptive to the schema structure of the xCat catalog repository to which it is connected, and provides a window into the repository by connecting to a particular data source. Portlets can be configured and assembled into portal pages that are both editable and searchable in multiple dimensions without writing code. In addition, all of the portlets feature the multidimensional pick-list limiting, where each portlet is search-state aware and collaborative with other A2i portlets on the page, and is dynamically updated with each selection to reflect the current search constraints and corresponding results set. A2i’s suite of portlets also includes support for illustrated parts catalogs with exploded view diagrams and hotspots drill down navigation, capabilities that have already been incorporated into IBM’s vertical market solution for the automotive market. www.a2i.com