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Day: January 19, 2004

Ektron Adds Macintosh Support & Redlining Versioning Tool to Content Management Solutions

Ektron, Inc., added a new editing tool and platform support to the Ektron CMS200 and CMS300 content management solutions. Both CMS products are now available for the Macintosh platform and include a redlining versioning tool. Ektrons eWebDiff content comparison tool easily and clearly shows the difference between two versions of a content block in Ektron CMS. This detailed tracking feature, similar to the “track changes” command in Microsoft Word, is a tool that ensures accountability throughout the content editing process. Redlining highlights modified content for ease of review. Users editing or approving a content block can compare the latest version to a previously published version, and compare historical versions to view changes made over time.

Percussion Announces Product Enhancements

Percussion Software announced new enhancements across its product suite, including: Lyrix 2, a J2EE/.Net integration product for Domino, which is scheduled for release in March. New features include bi-directional support for Content Services, giving users the ability to submit content changes from target applications to Domino applications, and Single Sign On, which allows users to sign in to a non-Domino system based on their security (ACLs) from Domino; and ServerAdmin Plus V8.5, part of the suite of Power Tools for Lotus Domino, also scheduled for release in March. New features in the Client Manager module enable automation of special projects such as: server consolidation, renaming and decommissioning servers as well as new server setups. Additional new features in the Client Manager allow administrators to manage end users’ clients remotely, including management of desktop icons, replicator pages, bookmarks, location documents, connection documents, and Notes.ini files. Version 8.5 also provides new database document migration, and the addition of over 40 new parameters to the popular NSF Search module, including advanced replication, document locking and full-text index settings.

BlackHawk Launches New Web Content Management Solution

BlackHawk Information Services, Inc. announced the availability of BlackHawk Web Site Manager, an enterprise software solution for small and medium-sized companies and organizations that rely on their web sites to generate revenue. With this system, customers can develop and/or change web content with the ease of using a word processing application. BlackHawk makes web site maintenance possible for smaller organizations that cannot afford to hire programmers to make routine content changes to their web site. BlackHawk Web Site Manager is available and can be purchased or leased via an ASP service model.

Optika Announces Availability of Acorde 4.0

Optika Inc. announced the availability of Acorde version 4.0. The new version delivers more than 40 product enhancements, including a fully integrated records management solution, additional Web Services capabilities, improved document versioning, integration with EMC Centera WORM (Write Once Read Many) storage devices, and several Web client enhancements. Acorde 4.0 provides a fully integrated, DoD 5015.2-certified records management solution. Acorde 4.0 also supports the EMC Centera Compliance Edition storage devices, which when used in conjunction with Acorde Records Management, enable customers to meet the requirements for SEC Rule 17a-4, DoD 5015.2, and 21 CFR Part 11. The Acorde document versioning functionality has also been enhanced to provide major and minor version tracking for all documents stored within Acorde, enabling a mechanism for tracking the evolution of a document from creation through multiple revisions. The enhanced Web client adds new Web administrative options, custom Web tools, and the Acorde Web Management Dashboard. The dashboard is a stand-alone Microsoft .NET-based Web application that provides an interface for analyzing the usage of various functions within the Acorde system.

JBoss Delivers Open Source Content Management with Nukes on JBoss

JBoss Group LLC announced the availability of Nukes on JBoss, an open source content management system (CMS) entirely based on Java. The Nukes on JBoss project has enriched the popular PostNukes CMS with advanced functionality that improves scalability, robustness and performance to handle enterprise-class web sites. The development of a group management platform falls within the strategic framework of JBoss, which aims to provide all Java users with a set of tools that can be integrated into their current information system. Nukes on JBoss relies on the functionality of the JBoss application server, whose microkernel architecture (based on JMX) is a central component. A final RC (Release Candidate) is already available as a free download. Nukes on JBoss version 1.0 will be available on February 18 at

Macromedia Announces RoboInfo 5.0 & RoboHelp X5 with XML Support

Macromedia announced the immediate availability of Macromedia RoboInfo 5.0. RoboInfo enables organizations to publish and manage policies and procedures online. Once the information is published, end users can find what they need via a table of contents, index, and glossary. RoboInfo 5.0 contains new content management features such as workflow audit trails, version control with document rollback, and administrator permissions that empower organizations to control their online policies and procedures from creation through delivery. RoboInfo Pro enables detailed usage feedback reports to help optimize content to be more effective for its intended audience. Natural-language search, as well as full-text searches for non-English languages, enable end users to easily find relevant information. RoboInfo and Contribute can be used together to create intranet sites for organizations. With RoboHelp X5, users can leverage support for XML, PDF import/export, content management, distributed workforces, team authoring capabilities, as well as the newly released JavaHelp 2.0 from Sun. Inc.RoboInfo 5.0 is priced at $799, with RoboInfo Pro 5.0 at $1799. Upgrades for RoboInfo are priced at $499, with RoboInfo Pro at $999. RoboHelp X5, priced at $999. Upgrades from RoboHelp 2002, RoboHelp X3 or RoboHelp X4 are $499. Upgrades from RoboHelp versions 4 through 9 are $

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