XyEnterprise announced that it has released version 1.1 of its XML Professional Publisher (XPP) Web Services Toolkit. XyEnterprise also announced the availability of XPP Personal Edition, a new single-user version of its XML publishing software. Both offerings are available now. Version 1.1 of the XPP Web Services Toolkit adds functions for e-mail notification, support for SOAP attachments, improved file manipulation capability, and other enhancements. XPP users can proof, modify, and publish their documents in a browser from any location. XPP Personal Edition customers include individual users who have had prior experience with XPP at larger organizations, initial deployments in specialty publishing environments (such as STM journals or reference guides), or remote contributors working for larger organizations. XPP Personal Edition includes the XyView interactive interface with composition and editing functionality, the CITI module for generating Contents, Indices, Tables, and Illustrations, and a choice of two Hyphenation and Justification dictionaries. Other optional components (including MathML, XyDiff, EDGAR) are also available. www.xyenterprise.com