Visual Century, a technology company based in Barcelona, has released the new 2.0 version of its rich media asset management software ViA2 Platform. Among other new features, ViA2 Platform version 2.0 provides content-based searches of images and video keyframes using advanced shape, color and texture recognition tools as opposed to traditional textual metadata such as descriptors or keywords. Content-based image retrieval features allow the user to load images into the system and search the database for images or video keyframes similar in shape, color and texture. ViA2 Platform offers the possibility to complement content-based searches with traditional textual metadata tools (keywords, descriptions and descriptors) or filters (by date, status, type of document, etc). Equally advanced features of prior versions include asynchronous video analysis, much faster than video reproduction, which can analyze a 50 minute MPEG1 file in just 10 minutes. ViA2 Platform is distributed worldwide by Software AG and will be available from December 2003.